I was dubious going to my first appointment. Who would want to deal with my feet? Turns out Cheryl would. She made me feel very much at ease and explained everything in a straightforward way; things that no one else had ever explained before, or if they had, I’d not understood. My feet felt so comfortable after nail trim.

I thoroughly recommend a visit.

Jill M

Hi Cheryl

Thank you so much for seeing me and reassuring me 're my big toe problem. Apologies for the mix-up on finding your office.

I'm happy for you to post this:

Wow, what an amazing lady. Thank you so much for seeing me and diagnosing my big toe nail. I have been treating it with foot ointments, to find out it was a trauma to my toe and nothing i did would have made it better.

I did see a podiatrist in Northampton about a month ago as I thought I might need laser treatment. He told me it was athletes Foot!! I treated it as suggested for a week with no improvement. He didn't even look at me and wouldn't know me if he saw me again. He didn't discuss my toe issue and was quick to get me out the door.

I decided to contact Cheryl as she had been highly recommended by a friend. She looked at me and we had a great conversation about what had been happening. She looked at my foot wear and I felt awkward at first but then realised she was right. The foot wear I have been wearing for years has been wrong. I'm now on the road to a new toe nail and this will give me the confidence to wear sandles again, ready for the summer.

I look forward to seeing you again.

Many thanks


We had our first appointment with Cheryl, first impressions were very friendly, officiant and someone who is passionate with the job and focused on you the customer.

Both of us have been suffering with different foot problems such as broken toes, very hard tough nails/skin and as most people has experienced Planta Faciltis. All professionals so far as advised me to do regular exercise with a rolling pin however this is likely to cause more pulling.

Cheryl clearly explained the condition to me and advised the cheapest and most successful way to cure it along with a demonstration which a doctor failed to explain.

If you suffer with these conditions then I highly recommend to see Cheryl.

Thank you so much for making life easier.


I had my first appointment with Cheryl today. I was somewhat apprehensive as I thought it might be a little painful or at least uncomfortable.

I can honestly say I didn't feel a thing!

But what I really liked about this particular professional was the way she explained everything she was going to do and why.

At the end of my treatment, Cheryl gave me some really useful, sensible, rational advice about how, why and what damages the feet.

Finally - tips on improving the feet and preventing further damage.

I would highly recommend her.

Ms Russo

Visited Cheryl after weeks of painful feet.

Came out on cloud nine after a painless treatment, walking on air!!

Thank you Cheryl


My first visit to see Cheryl and I was slightly nervous, but Cheryl is such a lovely lady that within minutes I was relaxed

The treatment I received was completely painless and the aftercare advice received was very helpful

I would certainly recommend this clinic to anyone that is looking for a good podiatrist


If anyone is looking for a good Podiatrist, I can highly recommend Cheryl Scott in Bletchley.

It was my first visit to a podiatrist & was a bit apprehensive as I had a painful "involuted" big toe nail.

However, the whole experience was quite pleasant & painless. Not only did Cheryl deal with my problem toe, she also cut all my toe nails & removed all the callous from the soles of both feet. Now walking on air!

She also discussed the best type of shoe for me wear to prevent further foot problems!

It is a lovely relaxed atmosphere & will be revisiting later in the year.

Sue from Bletchley

I'm not going to lie, it will hurt but trust her and she will make it better.

I was scared but knew that if I didn't get it fixed it would get worse.

Thank you Cheryl!

E Keys (aged 11)

I visited Cheryl when my Ingrown toenail looked really bad and hurt a lot. I went to a few appointments and there was so much progress but I needed to have surgery there was no question about it, I had to have it done and it was fine I didn't have one problem with it.

The nail surgery was actually rather interesting I felt very relaxed about the whole thing, 6 weeks later my toe is fine and healing very well.

I recommend anyone who has any problems go straight to Cheryl it will be worth it.

Ollie H

The Ingrown Toenail

At first I thought my big toe was just getting a little sensitive with all the abuse I put them through but it didn't take long before I was wincing with every step I took, Like most people of today I took to YouTube to find the answers but was horrified with what I saw so I decided I was suitibly qualified to sort this mess out myself.

Only to my horror I actually made it far worse, it was inflamed and glowing bright red, bled throughout the day as well of expelling excess puss build up, eventually I couldn't take the pain any longer and told myself that I'd be happy if my toe was cut off right now if only to end my misery.

I called up Cheryl and she was extremely professional and told me she could sort it out right away,

Doomsday arrived but I was ready for it, I filled out the form and hopped on the seat expecting an amputation but was delighted when she told me that it was bad but she'd be able to save it,

Very surprisingly it wasn't as sore as I'd thought as she delicately carved at my toenail with surgical precision,

After a few short minutes she told me she was done, I never believed her, reaching down and asking why is it so sore here all day, only for there to be No More Pain when pushing on my toe, I have never felt as much relief as I did right there!

A week later on the follow up appointment she did a quick clean up and I was as good as new.

I still can't believe how she managed to do that and have nicknamed her The Magician!!

If I could offer any advise, it would be Go And See Cheryl "The Magician" Scott if you have even the slightest sign of an ingrown starting.

I cannot thank you enough!!!.

Brett S

Several years ago I took my daughter to Cheryl as she played lots of football and was suffering from severe blisters and the NHS hadn`t been able to sort the problem!! She gave Charlotte a full biomechanical assessment which resulted in her requiring insoles. We were also shown how to purchase correctly fitting shoes! Following the new shoes/inserts Charlotte started to run faster, not have any more aches and pains in her joints (juvenile arthritis when she was younger) and the blisters were no longer an issue provided she see`s Cheryl regularly for hard skin removal.

We cannot thank Cheryl enough as now Charlotte`s running, balance and general fitness have gone from strength to strength over the subsequent years following our initial visit!!!!

During one of Charlottes` routine visits last year Cheryl commented that my son was also in need of an assessment......?? Nathan had never enjoyed running or anything involving his legs or exercise!!!!.......

Cheryl gave us exercises and shoe insoles for Nathan as he had a severe curve in his lower legs, from the moment he had the new insoles he started to be able to walk faster and with more flexibility than ever before!! I felt so guilty, as a parent you hope that your child grows up fit, healthy and strong - we hadn`t realised Nathan had a problem and just thought he didn`t like sport/exercise!! Turns out he was in pain and couldn`t lift his legs properly when running!

Following the initial assessment Nathan has continued with his exercises and wearing the insoles - his running is totally different now and pain free - he can actually lift his legs quite high now!

Without Cheryl we would never have known that Nathan had a problem which apparently would`ve got worse over the years and become irreversible!! I dread to think this could have happened!!!!!!!!!!!

Once again my family cannot thank Cheryl enough and recommend her to all our family, friends and anyone with a concern!


I arrived in Cheryl's clinic for nail surgery with a feeling of dread and anxiety about the whole ordeal. My toes had been a big problem for years but the thought of anyone touching them was terrifying. But then I met Cheryl! Cheryl immediately made me feel relaxed and at ease, was very friendly and reassuring and suddenly the 'big ordeal' felt a whole lot less. Cheryl explained everything that she was going to do and answered all of my (several) questions, all in a way that was easy to understand.

I honestly believe that without Cheryl's personable, friendly nature and calm, relaxing but always professional atmosphere - I may not have gone through with the nail surgery. But I am so pleased that I did, it is the best decision I've made. The procedure itself was almost painless and over the days and weeks that followed Cheryl was always on hand for advice and reassurance. I soon found that instead of dreading my visits to her clinic as I originally had, I was actually looking forward to my appointments!

My toes are now so much better and my only regret is not seeing Cheryl sooner.

I would recommend Cheryl to anyone - you will not find a more friendly and competent podiatrist anywhere.

Thank you Cheryl


Dear Cheryl

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank you for the care and attention given during and after my recent nail surgery.

The prospect of having in growing toenail surgery to both sides of both big toes was not one that I was looking forward to particularly having been in discomfort for sometime. I was very surprised at how pain free the whole experience was both during surgery and the healing period. I am delighted with the end result. To be completely pain free for the first time in a long time knowing that the solution is a long term one is very satisfying.

I appreciate the professionalism and good humour you have shown me throughout the process. I would not go as far as saying it was an enjoyable experience but it was certainly a far less daunting one than I expected. I would happily recommend both the treatment and your clinic.


H Robinson

Cheryl provides a professional,friendly service.I have been receiving treatment for several years and I have received good management of the condition I have. Cheryl has good diagnostic and treatment skills.She is knowledgeable and explains things clearly. Cheryl listens and responds to every aspect of your health needs in a holistic way. I rate Cheryl's skills highly and would recommend her to all who have podiatry needs.

J. Walsh

I received a fantastic service from Cheryl and the team. Cheryl provided professional and honest advice based on my best interests. The service is always personable. The toe nail surgery I received was a breeze and Cheryl got me back on my feet as quickly as possible. Can't recommend her highly enough.

James F

Anybody who hasn't had corns has no idea of how painful they can be. Indirectly, they can ruin your lifestyle & health, influencing you to give up physical activity that you know is going to hurt too badly.

Having approached one foot specialist who effectively told me I had fallen arches & suggested quite expensive orthoses (special insoles), I buried my head in the sand for many months. I did then try buying some "off the shelf" insoles from the chemists but they didn't help either. I didn't know what to do next!

Eventually, I found Cheryl Scott's advert and thank goodness I did. If she could sort out the problems of MK Dons players who must truly put their feet to the test, she surely could help me, I thought.

Within my first appointment with Cheryl, my world changed for the better. She examined me and dispelled the rubbish I had been told about fallen arches. She so clearly explained why the chemist's insoles hadn't worked for me and what was causing the corn problem in the first place. What she told me and showed me about my feet & footwear made total common sense.

My biggest regret is that I didn't find Cheryl sooner!

If you have problems with your feet, don't make my mistake of "grinning and bearing it" & letting it spoil your life.

Book an appointment with Cheryl as soon as you can.

M Hopkins

As a regular chiropractic patient over a number of years and frequent runner, it was encouraging to learn of the growing interaction between the chiropractic and podiatrist professions, as often, back problems stem from issues surrounding posture and the way we walk (and run). The friendly advice and support I received from Cheryl was practical, insightful, honest, and the problems I had were explained in way that could easily be understood. I would highly recommend anyone with back problems (and feet problems!) to consider an appointment with Cheryl, as often, and in my case, the solution was through an adjustment with the feet and the use of good orthotics. Excellent.

M Knight

I visited Cheryl as my 12 year old son had a strange lump on his big toe.

Cheryl immediately recognised it as a sign of ill fitting shoes and she then showed me all the evidence which backed her diagnosis up. I found it to be really useful as she then showed me how to check if your child's shoes are correctly fitted so I came away confident that I could avoid having further problems.

Thank you Cheryl for your help and expertise!